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Practicing while Black

Nov 18, 2019

To pursue his dream of practicing as an entertainment lawyer, Attorney Tyrone Scott moved to New York after law school without a job. Today, Attorney Scott is successfully practicing as an entertainment lawyer and serving as co-host of the POPLAW podcast. Access show notes at: 

Nov 4, 2019

After an extended summer break, the podcast is back, and it is only fitting that we discuss the power of taking a pause. Access show notes at:

Jul 22, 2019

Our host discusses why you should make strategic investments in yourself and three questions to ask yourself. Access show notes at:

Jul 1, 2019

On this episode our host discusses the four questions that she asks herself in order to manage fear. Access show notes at:

Jun 17, 2019

Despite entering into the legal profession, Attorney Kourtni Mason did not give up her passion for dancing. Instead, she secured an opportunity to dance for Beyoncé during Super Bowl XLVII (47) as a practicing attorney and became the author of a children’s book series focused on dance.  Access show notes at: